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Date: September 20, 1983

Location: Austin, Texas

Venue: Austin Coliseum

Set list:

Queen of the Reich
The Lady Wore Black
Waiting for the Kill

Notes (from a fan that attended):

"Concert was at the old Austin city coliseum on a rainy evening in September - Tuesday the 20th at 7 p.m . Quiet Riot was the headline act , a band called AXE was on the bill , another act performing that evening was a little known rather strange band called Queensryche. There was some disagreement as to which band whose name started with the letter "Q" was the headliner , each band promoted the show as if they were the headlining act.

The promoter way oversold the "standing room only" venue , --in an effort to disguise this fact : tickets were Not torn, and no ticket stubs were given -- any concert goers who exit-ed the coliseum before during or after the show were not given RE entry to the concert , which understandably caused angry reactions and some serious problems . Fire Marshalls were on hand and it was rumored that the show would be shut down at any moment because of dangerous over crowding. There was a near riot , and there were muggings and several arrests were made during and after the concert out in the parking area. It was a very interesting evening!"

Since the above was published, another account from Gilbert Garcia (who had a ticket stub to the show):

"My buddies & I were always at gen admission shows way early partying in the parking lot & making sure we were the first in so we could get right up front. If there was overselling & no ticket stubs given, it must have been after they'd let many people in as I never heard of no stubs being given out. I find it hard to believe the Coliseum could have been oversold, it had a huge open floor about the size of a football field or just a little smaller and that was surrounded by concrete bleacher-type seating. I'm guessing it could hold thousands. I went to wrestling matches there, rodeos, circus, etc when I was a little kid back in the 1970s.

If my memory serves me correctly, this was the show where we were up against the plywood barrier that had been set up in front of the stage. We started hearing pop, pop, pop saw the security guards look at each other in fear, make the slash across the throat and then run back under the stage just before the barricades collapsed (all the two by fours holding it up shattered from the pressure of the crowd). It also could have been the Ratt/Twisted Sister show the following summer, but definitely one of those two."

Live Images: