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Date: August 6, 1997

Location: Raleigh, N.C.

Venue: Walnut Creek Amphitheater

Set list:


Notes: Although the exact set list is unknown, Tommy B. stepped up and submitted what he could remember from the show:

For the 8-6-97 show, here's what I remember. I've seen in other setlists from this tour that they played "Hit The Black" and "Get A Life". These were NOT played at the show I saw (as I was hoping for them). They opened with "Voice Inside" and closed with "Sign of The Times" and "Some People Fly." "Reach," "You," "Walk In The Shadows," "I Am I" and "Damaged" were all played. "Spreading The Disease" and "The Mission" were played outside of the "Mindcrime portion" of the show (fairly early in the show). Of course, "Jet City Woman" and "Silent Lucidity" were played. I think they also played "Another Rainy Night (Without You)" but don't hold me to that.

Many thanks to Tommy B. for diggin' back to remember those details.

Live Images: