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Date: June 6, 1992

Location: George, Wash.

Venue: The Gorge

Set list:

Best I Can
Anarchy X
Revolution Calling
Jet City Woman
Della Brown
Take Hold Of The Flame
I Don't Believe In Love
Eyes Of A Stranger
No Sanctuary
The Killing Words
The Lady Wore Black
Silent Lucidity
Anybody Listening?
Revolution (The Beatles cover)
Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones cover)

Notes: The band performed at the "Rock the Environment" benefit show. The last two songs were played with the Wilson sisters of Heart, and Queensryche and Alice in Chains also jammed with Heart during Heart's set. QR's performance marks a very rare live showing of "Anybody Listening," "No Sanctuary" and "The Killing Words." This was the last show QR would play until supporting Promised Land in 1994.

Live Images: