Date: June 5, 1997Certificate of Authenticity fans received at the VLA show.

Location: Sorroco, N.M.

Venue: Very Large Array

Set list:

The Voice Inside
Jet City Woman
Silent Lucidity
Sign Of The Times
I Don't Believe In Love
Some People Fly
Get A Life
Spreading the Disease
The Mission
I Am I
Take Hold Of The Flame
The Lady Wore Black

Notes: A radio promotion gig, referred to by fans as "The Secret Desert Show," or "VLA Show." Location for the array is listed as Sorcorro, but the VLA radio observatory is actually closer to Magdalena, N.M. The site opened in 1980, and contains 27 giant (81-foot) antennas arrainged in a Y pattern. Scientists use the array to observe signals from stars, planets and other astronomical objects.

In a press release issued about the show, Geoff Tate said: "We had heard of this site for years. We thought this location was the most sophisticated listening post on earth and felt it was particularly appropriate with the theme of our new album."

Live Images:

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