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Date: April 27, 1992

Location: Hollywood, Calif.

Venue: Warner Hollywood Studios

Set list:

I Will Remember (Take 1)
The Killing Words
Della Brown
Silent Lucidity (Take 1)
Scarborough Fair (Take 1)
The Lady Wore Black
I Will Remember (Take 2)
Scarborough Fair (Take 2)
Silent Lucidity (Take 2)
Anybody Listening? (Take 1)
Anybody Listening? (Take 2)
Rockin' in the Free World
Silent Lucidity (Take 3)

Notes: The band's legendary "MTV Unplugged" performance. Ticket stub and signed setlist courtesy of attendee Paul Guelpa. Thank you Paul!

Paul had this to add about the show: "When I asked if they were going to do the 'Canticle' part of 'Scarborough Fair,' [Geoff] 'invited' me to come up and do it if I knew it (unfortunately -- or fortunately -- I didn't know it well enough to do anything other than say 'nah')." "The footage that aired wasn't even half of what we saw. I recall them running through the entire set once before the cameras ran, and there was a lot of cool banter with the audience."

Live Images:

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