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Date: February 24 (22?), 1989

Location: Hickory, N.C.

Venue: Cadillac's

Set list:


Notes: Headline show. The date is either Feb. 22 or Feb 24, although given that the 22nd would have marked six straight nights, I believe that the 24th is more likely. Thanks to "unspOOLed" on the forum for confirming the existence of this show. The following are his comments regarding it:

"It was a Hickory, NC, show at a small club called 'Cadillac's' at the time, and it's never been listed on any tour itenerary that I've seen. Opening act was Iron Brittain, I think ... The funny thing is that my wife and I thought the show was a hoax right up until the band took the stage. There were no QR markings on the tour bus and the club marquee had their name horribly misspelled.

When we bought the "tickets," the club wasn't open yet, so all we got for our $20 were two hand-written passes from a dude with his illegible signature. Feeling like a was being further hoaxed, I asked if anyone at the door would know to whom the @#$!* signature belonged. The dude said,'"They'd better know. I'm the tour manager!'"

Live Images:

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