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Date: November 29, 1990

Location: Amsterdam, The NETHERLANDS

Venue: Edenhalle

Set list:

Walk In The Shadows
Best I Can
The Thin Line
Jet City Woman
Roads To Madness
Full Mindcrime Set
Silent Lucidity
Take Hold Of The Flame

Notes: After show pass courtesy of Raf Ahrayeph. A note about it from him: "It was issued to me at the show on November 29th at the Jaap Edenhal in Amsterdam, Holland. They used to issue left over passes when the day passes had run out, which was the case here, as the gig was sold out and after show passes had already been issued beforehand. I got one because of my meeting their tour manager at the show on the 20th and the sad events later that night, which cut QRs performance in half. So while the date says 11-20, it is actually a pass from 11-29."

Live Images: