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Date: October 15, 1983

Location: Chicago, Ill.

Venue: Haymakers

Set list:

Waiting For The Kill
Before The Storm
Child Of Fire
The Lady Wore Black
Roads To Madness
Queen Of The Reich

Notes: "I just want to give you some info on the show Q played in chitown in october 83 on the ep tour. I saw them live and they were great. I believe they were playing chicago the first time ever. The headliner was Twisted Sister and they also were playing in chi for the first time. The club was called Haymakers (which is now a parking lot) and tickets were $8.00 (basically a cover charge).

Capacity was around 350 people which it was packed that night and the crowd loved them. The club itself was small with a low ceiling almost like playing in an apartment. It was also very cold that nite. Believe it or not but I still have the shirt I bought that night (my nine-year-old wears it to school). It was a great show and both bands were awesome. I became hooked on both after the show. - Jeff Augustyn

Live Images: