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Date: October 14, 1986

Location: Phoenix, Ariz.

Venue: Celebrity Theatre

Set list:

Neue Regel
Surgical Strike
The Whisper
Walk in the Shadows
No Sanctuary
NM 156
Gonna Get Close to You
Roads to Madness
guitar solo
Take Hold of the Flame
Queen of the Reich
The Lady Wore Black

Notes: Headline show. Set list order is unconfirmed, however all songs listed were played. KEEL opened for Queensryche. Thanks to Ken F. for the info. Thanks to JP for the ticket stub. It should be noted that this show was originally listed as Oct. 12, 1986. However, I had no scan to confirm the date. Once the ticket stub scan surfaced, as Oct. 14, 1986, I changed the official date, as I don't believe QR played two nights as a headliner in the same city two out of three nights in a row.

Notes from an attendee: Geoff Tate's vocals were at his peak! They played about 1hr. 45 minutes. They're not in the exact order, but these songs were all played that evening. - Ken F.

Live Images: