Date: January 7, 1985

Location: McKees Rocks, Pa.

Venue: Mancini's Lounge

Set list: Unknown

Notes: Headline show. A local Pittsburgh-area band by the name of "Assassin" (not to be confused with the one from San Diego) opened the show. In addition, Queensryche held an in-store signing at Eide's Comics and Records. Spahr Schmitt wrote in with the info on the opener and in-store, adding:

"It was at the North Side Eide's location where PNC Park now stands. Of course, Eide's is a Pittsburgh institution, and now resides in a multi-story location on Penn Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh. But in the early 1980s it was a small little shop PACKED with hard-to-find heavy metal and punk records, thanks to an amazing staff including Jim Pitulski (Inside Out America, Dream Theater, etc.), Gregg Kostalich (The Cynics, Get Hip Records), Mike LaVella (Maximum RnR, Gearhead Records) among others."

Live Images:

All photos courtesy of Spahr Schmitt.

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