Mar. 16, 2018

Talk about finding buried treasure. I was looking for something completely unrelated and came across the Tribe era photo set of the band. But it wasn't just the photos of the original five guys was all shots taken of the individual band members, including DeGarmo. Click the link above, and scroll down to view them!

In addition, we have created a new Facebook page for I'll be doing my best to repost these updates there to help keep folks up-to-date on whatever we add to the site.

Mar. 15, 2018

The Ides of March is once again upon us, and so too, is another update at! Today we uploaded 16 different photos of the band from across the original lineup's career. Promotional shots, live images, and candids. Check out the "Band Photos" areas of each section for the latest additions (they'll be the last ones in the respective areas).

Mar. 13, 2018

Uploaded scans of a handful of trade advertisements for Empire, Operation: LIVEcrime, Building Empires, Promised Land, and Hear in the Now Frontier today. Check the respective chapters for the additions. Take Hold!

Mar. 9, 2018

Added some new and replacement scans of ticket stubs and posters from various gigs. They are as follows: Sept. 9, 1986; Apr. 25, 1991; May 25, 1991; Jul. 3, 1991; Jul. 31, 1991; Nov. 8, 1991; Mar. 20, 1995; May 19, 1995; and May 24, 1995.

Next month we'll upload a host of new pictures of the band, along with various backstage pass/laminate scans from across Queensryche's career. I'm also trying to figure out a new angle for a blog on the Operation: Mindcrime album to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. A bit tough considering how much the record has been written about over the years...

Feb. 7, 2018

Uploaded a couple of Hear in the Now Frontier era promotional scans today. One for the album, another promoting the VLA/Secret Desert show on June 5, 1997, and a final one promoting "You," as the album's second single. All three scans were added to the Chapter VIII: 1996-1997: Hear in the Now Frontier Era section, under "Misc. Scans."

In addition, I uploaded a ticket stub scan from the July 27, 1991 gig from Worcester, Mass., on the Building Empires tour. Check it out!

Feb. 1, 2018

A couple of friends recently asked that question so many Queensr˙che fans have asked for years: Why did Chris DeGarmo leave? My latest blog tackles the answer. Check it out!

Jan. 23, 2018

Today's update to the site is quite frankly a boring one. I went through most of the pages, tweaked the formatting (cleaned up some of the scrapbook tables, etc.) and overall layout. I know, riveting, right? My HTML skills are firmly rooted in the late 1990s, so I do the best I can. Hopefully, with a new Table of Contents page, this site looks more like an online book. For now, I think I'm happy with the overall look and layout, and will see what I can do to add more content to the site in the next couple of months.

Jan. 9, 2018

A few minor additions to the site today, including ticket stub scans for two Mindcrime-era gigs (5/5/89 and 10/2/88) and one show from the Empire tour (6/8/91). I also uploaded some Mindcrime-era magazine covers and reviews, and drum advertisements featuring Scott Rockenfield from both the Hear in the Now Frontier and Empire time periods.

Dec. 20, 2017

I have stripped down the older version of the site to something a bit more manageable. Most of the old content is still available, albeit in a modified structure. I eliminated a portion of the "Appendix" and incorporated all that material (discography, scrapbook, etc.) into each specific chapter (or era) of the band's history. There are several formatting fixes that still need to be done. The site has been offline for a bit, and during the change, there were a lot of minor things I didn't get to.

Going forward, most of the updates now will be adding ticket stubs and scans of images and old articles that find their way into my inbox. I'll add to and freshen up the content as I have time. Thanks for stopping by!

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