The History of Queensr˙che's Original Lineup!

"Time's measure rusts as it crawls." "Machines have no conscience." "From a haze came a rage of thunder."

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Queensryche circa 1984-1985

Chapter III: 1984-1985: The Warning Era
By Brian Heaton

Once Queensryche returned from supporting its debut EP, the band had plenty of material written for its first full-length record, The Warning. The band hooked up with noted Pink Floyd producer James Guthrie and recorded Queensryche's first album in London, England. Inspired lyrically by world events and George Orwell's "1984," the album showed a more progressive sound than the EP, while retaining Queensryche's core heavy metal roots.

The recording sessions for The Warning also marked the beginning of Queensryche's relationship with the late composer Michael Kamen, who led the orchestration on the album. In addition, working with a high profile producer like Guthrie led to a number of surprise visits to the studio, including Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, and Jimmy Page - the latter being a huge thrill for guitarist Chris DeGarmo, a big fan of the Led Zeppelin guitarist.

The tour supporting The Warning had Queensryche on the road from August 1984 until July 1985, concluding with a number of headline appearances in California, where they would debut "Neue Regel," a song written on the road for the band's next album, Rage for Order. While primarily touring as an opening act (Queensryche again supported Dio, and also toured with Kiss and Iron Maiden, among others), a strong underground fanbase developed outside of Queensryche's Seattle home, leading to sporadic headline appearances during the year.

The Warning

Title: The Warning
Release Date: 1984 (EMI Records)
Producer: James Guthrie
Mixing: Val Garay


Warning -- (Tate/Wilton)
En Force -- (DeGarmo)
Deliverance -- (Wilton)
No Sanctuary -- (DeGarmo/Tate)
NM 156 -- (DeGarmo/Tate/Wilton)
Take Hold of the Flame -- (DeGarmo/Tate)
Before the Storm -- (Tate/Wilton)
Child of Fire -- (Tate/Wilton)
Roads to Madness -- (DeGarmo/Tate/Wilton)

Key Tracks: NM 156, Roads to Madness, Take Hold of the Flame


Take Hold of the Flame

Notes: The Warning was the first full band collaboration between vocalist Geoff Tate and the rest of the group. Tate's more art rock leanings meshed with the heavy metal influences of the band to create its own subgenre of intelligent rock music labeled "progressive heavy metal." Cuts such as "NM 156" and "Roads to Madness" illustrate the blend well, featuring tempo and mood changes. The lyrics are inspired by the scare of nuclear war, and what society would be like in the event of such devastation.

band final mixInteresting fact: The tracklist everyone is familiar with for The Warning was not approved of by the band. As mentioned above, the original running order featured "NM 156" as the lead track, with "Warning" preceding "Roads to Madness." The latter song ends on the same sound effect/note as "NM 156" begins with, giving the record a circular presentation.

In addition, "Deliverance" and "No Sanctuary" were flip-flopped, so the latter track was #3 on the record, and "Deliverance" was placed right before "Take Hold of the Flame." The record was remixed and the tracks re-arranged by Val Garay at the behest of EMI Records who wanted the first single -- "Warning" -- to be the album's opening cut. Upon receiving word of the changes, the band was "crushed" at what EMI and Garay had done, according to a former crew member. In a 2013 interview, Wilton revealed the only documentation of the original sequence are cassette demo copies that he and some other members of Queensryche still possess (see image). Wilton also indicated there are no plans to release the demos, although he plans to transfer them to a digital format before they oxidize due to age and become unlistenable.

Note: Since publishing this, an old article from The Warning time period has surfaced suggesting that it was the band, not the label, who made the decision to have the album remixed before it was released. I find that to be unlikely, despite Tate's commentary acknowledging the matter in the article. Consider that The Warning was the band's first album with EMI, they were over budget on the project, and they worked with a legendary producer in Guthrie. In addition, the article never mentions the revised track order of the album, which was, allegedly, done by the label. So, while the band certainly could have requested the remix themselves, I think its more likely that it was label-driven, and Queensryche were told by EMI not to "rock the boat" in the press if asked about the issue.

Alternate Art:

The cover for The Warning we're all familiar with wasn't the only choice Queensryche had for artwork. The below images (courtesy of Queensryche) are of the alternative cover ideas for the album.

Live in Tokyo

Title: Live in Tokyo
Release Date: 1985 (EMI Records) - Video
May 6, 2003 (Capitol Records) - Audio


Child of Fire
En Force
The Lady Wore Black
Take Hold of the Flame
Queen of the Reich

Notes: This was Queensryche's first live release, and was issued on VHS and Beta. In 2003, the tracks were released on CD and MP3 format on the remastered version of the Queensryche EP. The songs were recorded on Aug. 5, 1984, at Nippon Seinekan, in Tokyo, Japan. Unfortunately, while many bootleg versions of Live in Tokyo on DVD exist, it has never officially been re-issued on DVD.

The Warning Tour (1984-1985)

The Warning tour marked the first performances outside the U.S. and Canada for Queensryche. The band started in Japan and covered both Europe and the U.S. before coming home. Queensryche opened for Kiss, Dio and Iron Maiden at various point over the course of 10 months.

With just The Warning and EP under their belts, Queensryche obviously drew heavily from both releases on the tour. In a bold move, Queensryche recorded its second live date on the tour for a live home video -- Live in Tokyo. The band played two consecutive nights in the city as headliners.

The first headline shows had "NM 156" being performed as the lead-off song (although the song was not included on Live in Tokyo, which took various songs from the Aug. 5, 1984 gig and put them in a different order), likely because the band was under the impression that it would be the lead track from The Warning. But when they found out EMI Records had switched "Warning" to the lead spot in the album's track order, Queensryche went to "Nightrider" to start most opening and headline shows in late 1984. "NM 156" returned as the lead cut in headline gigs in spring 1985.

The Warning tour also featured a guitar solo spot showcasing Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton. Of note were Queensryche's headline shows in July 1985, where they twice performed an early version of "Neue Regel," which would appear on the band's next record -- Rage for Order -- in 1986. The length of Queensryche's opening set varied depending on which band they were supporting. It ranged from 40-55 minutes. The longer support sets usually included "Child of Fire" and/or "NM 156."

Here are examples of the opening and headlining sets on this tour:

Opening Set
Headline Set (circa spring 1985)
Before The Storm
guitar solo
The Lady Wore Black
En Force
Queen Of The Reich
Take Hold Of The Flame
NM 156
En Force
No Sanctuary
Child Of Fire
Before The Storm
guitar solo
The Lady Wore Black
Roads To Madness
Queen Of The Reich
Take Hold Of The Flame

August 4, 1984 Tokyo, JAPAN Nihon Seinen-kan
August 5, 1984 Tokyo, JAPAN Nihon Seinen-kan
August 7, 1984 Osaka, JAPAN Unknown
August 30, 1984 Paris, FRANCE Unknown (QR cancelled)
September 4, 1984 Antrim, IRELAND Antrim Forum
September 5, 1984 Dublin, IRELAND S.F.X. Hall
September 8, 1984 Hanley, UK Victoria Hall
September 10, 1984 Ipswich, UK Gaumont Theatre
September 11, 1984 Portsmouth, UK Guildhall
September 12, 1984 Cardiff, UK St. David's Hall
September 14, 1984 Bristol, UK Colston Hall
September 15, 1984 St, Austell, UK Cornwell Coliseum
September 16, 1984 Oxford, UK Apollo Theatre
September 18, 1984 Birmingham, UK Odeon Theatre
September 19, 1984 Birmingham, UK Odeon Theatre
September 20, 1984 Nottingham, UK Royal Concert Hall
September 22, 1984 Edinburgh, UK Playhouse Theatre
September 23, 1984 Glasgow, UK Apollo Theatre
September 24, 1984 Aberdeen, UK Capitol Theatre
September 26, 1984 Newcastle, UK City Hall
September 27, 1984 Hull, UK City Hall
September 28, 1984 Liverpool, UK Empire Theatre
September 30, 1984 Manchester, UK Apollo Theatre
October 1, 1984 Sheffield, UK City Hall
October 2, 1984 Leicester, UK De Montfort Hall
October 4, 1984 London, UK Hammersmith Odeon
October 5, 1984 London, UK Hammersmith Odeon
October 6, 1984 London, UK Hammersmith Odeon
October 11, 1984 Drammen, NORWAY Drammenshallen
October 12, 1984 Gothenburg, SWEDEN Scandinavium
October 13, 1984 Stockholm, SWEDEN Isstadion
October 15, 1984 Helsinki, FINLAND Ice Hall
October 17, 1984 Copenhagen, DENMARK Falkoner Theatre
October 19, 1984 Brussels, BELGIUM Forest National
October 20, 1984 Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS Jaap Edenhal
October 21, 1984 Hamburg, GERMANY Audimax
October 23, 1984 Stuttgart, GERMANY Boblingen Sporthalle
October 24, 1984 Offenbach, GERMANY Stadthalle
October 25, 1984 Munich, GERMANY Circus Krone
October 26, 1984 Nurnberg, Germany Hemmerleinhalle
October 28, 1984 Mannheim, GERMANY Rosengarten-Musensaal
October 29, 1984 Essen, GERMANY Grughalle
October 30, 1984 Paris, FRANCE Espace Ballard
November 11, 1984 Pittsburgh, PA Mancini's Lounge
November 15, 1984 Bethlehem, PA Stabler Arena
November 16, 1984 Glenn Falls, NY Civic Center
November 17, 1984 Rochester, NY War Memorial Arena
November 18, 1984 Buffalo, NY Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
November 20, 1984 Syracuse, NY War Memorial Arena
November 21, 1984 Philadelphia, PA Unknown
November 23, 1984 Worcester, MA The Centrum
November 24, 1984 New Haven, CT Veterans Memorial Coliseum
November 25, 1984 Philadelphia, PA The Spectrum
November 26, 1984 Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum
November 27, 1984 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Civic Center
November 28, 1984 Poughkeepsie, NY Mid-Hudson Civic Center
November 29, 1984 Binghamton, NY Broome County Arena
November 30, 1984 Brooklyn, NY L'Amours
December 2, 1984 Indianapolis, IN Market Square Arena
December 4, 1984 St. Louis, MO Kiel Auditorium
December 5, 1984 Evansville, IN Roberts Municipal Stadium
December 6, 1984 Terre Haute, IN I.S.U. Hulman Center
December 7, 1984 Fort Wayne, IN Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
December 8, 1984 Detroit, MI Cobo Hall
December 10, 1984 Detroit, MI Harpo's
December 11, 1984 Saginaw, MI Civic Center
December 12, 1984 Columbus, Ohio Ohio Center
December 13, 1984 Dayton, Ohio Hara Arena
December 14, 1984 Cleveland, Ohio Richfield Coliseum
December 15, 1984 Louisville, KY Commonwealth Convention Center
December 17, 1984 Peoria, IL Civic Center
December 18, 1984 Cedar Rapids, IA Five Seasons Center
December 19/20/28 (??), 1984 Denver, Colo. Unknown
December 26, 1984 Kansas City, MO Municipal Auditorium
December 27, 1984 Lincoln, NE Pershing Auditorium
December 29, 1984 St. Paul, MN Civic Center
December 30, 1984 Milwaukee, WI Mecca Auditorium
December 31, 1984 Chicago, IL Chicago Pavillion (QR cancelled)
January 4, 1985 Twin Lakes, Wis. The Edgewater
January 5, 1985 Aurora, IL Alamo Ballroom
January 7, 1985 McKees Rocks, Pa. Mancini's Lounge
January 9, 1985 Providence, R.I. Unknown
January 10, 1985 Portsmouth, N.H. Unknown
January 11, 1985 Spring Valley, NY Club Manhattan
January 12, 1985 Hartford, CT Hartford Agora/Hartford Ballroom
January 13, 1985 Boston, Mass. Paradise Club
January 15, 1985 Washington, D.C. The Bayou in Georgetown
January 16, 1985 Baltimore, MD Hammerjacks
January 17, 1985 NYC, NY Radio City Music Hall
January 18, 1985 NYC, NY Radio City Music Hall
January 19, 1985 NYC, NY Radio City Music Hall
January 20, 1985 NYC, NY Radio City Music Hall
January 21, 1985 NYC, NY Radio City Music Hall (cancelled)
January 23, 1985 NYC, NY Radio City Music Hall (cancelled)
January 24, 1985 NYC, NY Radio City Music Hall (cancelled)
January 24, 1985 Lubbock, Texas Municipal Coliseum
January 25, 1985 Abilene, Texas Taylor County Coliseum
January 26, 1985 Austin, Texas Frank Irwin Center
January 27, 1985 Corpus Christi, Texas Memorial Coliseum
January 29, 1985 Dallas, Texas Reunion Arena
January 30, 1985 San Antonio, Texas Convention Center Arena
January 31, 1985 Houston, Texas Sam Houston Coliseum
February 1, 1985 Waco, Texas Convention Center
February 3, 1985 Odessa, Texas Ector County Coliseum
February 4, 1985 Amarillo, Texas Civic Center
February 5, 1985 El Paso, Texas Special Events Center
February 6, 1985 Phoenix, AZ Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
February 7, 1985 Las Vegas, NV Aladdin Theater
February 9, 1985 Oakland, CA Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium
February 11, 1985 Salt Lake City, UT Salt Palace Center
February 13, 1985 Seattle, WA Seattle Center
February 14, 1985 Portland, OR Memorial Coliseum
February 17, 1985 Long Beach, CA Long Beach Arena
February 18, 1985 Long Beach, CA Long Beach Arena
February 20, 1985 San Bernardino, CA Civic Auditorium
February 21, 1985 Bakersfield, CA Civic Auditorium
February 22, 1985 San Diego, CA Sports Arena
February 24, 1985 Sacramento, CA Memorial Auditorium
February 26, 1985 Spokane, WA Spokane Coliseum
February 27, 1985 Vancouver, B.C., CANADA Pacific Coliseum
March 1, 1985 Edmonton, AL., CANADA Kinsmen Field House (QR cancelled)
March 2, 1985 Lethbridge, AL., CANADA Lethbridge Sportsplex
March 3, 1985 Calgary, AL., CANADA Corral Arena
May 31, 1985 Brooklyn, NY L'Amours
June 1, 1985 Brooklyn, NY L'Amours
July 12, 1985 Hollywood, CA Palladium
July 13, 1985 Irvine, CA Irvine Meadows Amphitheater
July 14, 1985 San Diego, CA California Theater

1984-1985 Warning Era

Band Photos

Warning Era Promo Shot

Warning Era Promo Shot 2

Warning Era Promo Shot 3

Warning Era Promo Shot 4

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Warning Era Live Shot 1

Warning Era Wilton/DeGarmo (live)

Warning Era - from Long Island

Post-Show, 1984-1985

Tate - Live, 1984-1985

Wilton/DeGarmo - 1984-1985

Backstage - 1984-1985

Article Scans

Circus (1984)

Circus (March 1985)

Kerrang #72 (1984)

Hit Parader (1985/1986?)

Kerrang Sept./Oct. 1984

Unknown Tate Feature circa 1984

Unknown Tate Feature pt. 2

Unknown Tate Feature pt. 3

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