"Now I'm drifting miles away, on wings of the past I still have..." "Corner mirror still reflects my redundant stare." "Can't we return to forever again?"

Chapter IX: 2002-2003: Tribe Era | Epilogue

Title: Sign of the Times: The Best of Queensryche
Released: August 28, 2007 (Capitol/EMI)


Queen of the Reich
Walk in the Shadows
Take Hold of the Flame
The Lady Wore Black
I Don't Believe in Love
Eyes of a Stranger
Silent Lucidity
Jet City Woman
Another Rainy Night (Without You)
Sign of the Times
I Am I
Real World
Some People Fly

Notes: The above is the tracklist for the digital (iTunes/Amazon) version of this compilation. The physical one-disc version removes "Empire" and "You" in favor of tracks from the non-original lineups of the band. I have chosen to only include the original lineup tracklist here. A two-disc collector's edition (physical version) contains four demos from MYTH, Tate's band prior to Queensryche (which are completely different than the QR songs, and are only familiar in title and a few lyric lines); some b-sides, and some unreleased material, including "Justified," which was a final track penned for Tribe that is discussed below. That collector's edition second disc tracklist is as follows:

Take Hold of the Flame (MYTH demo)
Walk in the Shadows (MYTH demo)
Before the Storm (MYTH demo)
Waiting for the Kill (demo from The Warning sessions)
No Sanctuary (demo)
Prophecy (demo)
I Dream in Infrared (1991 acoustic remix)
Dirty Lil' Secret (b-side from Promised Land era)
Last Time in Paris (from The Adventures of Ford Fairlane soundtrack - Empire era)
Scarborough Fair (b-side cover)
Della Brown (live at MTV Unplugged)
Someone Else? (w/full band)
Silent Lucidity (live at the Astoria Theatre on Oct. 20, 1994)
Chasing Blue Sky (b-side from Hear in the Now Frontier
*Justified (final original lineup song from the Tribe sessions -- previously unreleased)

* -- In 2007, Chris DeGarmo hooked up with Queensryche to finish the track "Justified," which was originally written and partially recorded for the 2003 release, Tribe (see album section for additional info). The track was then placed on the "Deluxe Edition" of the band's Sign of the Times: The Best of Queensr˙che collection that was released that year. "Justified" was the single that was sent out in support of the release.

Chris and Geoff also did some promotional interviews for the album. Click here for a video interview with DeGarmo and Tate that ran on Amazon.com.

Talking Metal also did a phone interview with both DeGarmo an Tate in 2007 to promote the release of Sign of the Times: The Best of Queensryche. Click below to download that podcast and listen to the interview:

Talking Metal Podcast: DeGarmo-Tate Phone Interview 2007

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