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Promised Land CD-ROM

Promised Land CD-ROM
Release Date: 1996

Notes: The Promised Land CD-ROM was a video game released by Queensryche in 1996. The game takes players through the minds (worlds) of all five band members, in search of pieces of a Promised Land totem pole. During the game, users encounter riddles and tasks that must be solved and are greeted by the band membes throughout game play. In addition, snippets of the recording process of Promised Land are shown, which when put together, create a nice "making of" segment on the record for fans.

Once the game is complete (or if fans find the video file in the game's directory), the player is rewarded with an exclusive acoustic song titled "Two Mile High." The Promised Land CD-ROM took approximately two years to create, and is loosely based on the concept and game play of MYST, which was released in 1993.

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