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Operation: Mindcrime

Title: Operation: Mindcrime
Release Date: 1988 (EMI Records)
Producer: Peter Collins
Engineer: Paul Northfield
Mixing: James "Jimbo" Barton


I Remember Now -- (DeGarmo/Tate/Wilton)
Anarchy-X -- (DeGarmo/Tate/Wilton)
Revolution Calling -- (Tate/Wiilton)
Operation: Mindcrime (DeGarmo/Tate/Wilton)
Speak -- (Tate/Wilton)
Spreading the Disease -- (Tate/Wilton)
The Mission -- (DeGarmo)
Suite Sister Mary -- (DeGarmo/Tate)
The Needle Lies -- (Tate/Wilton)
Electric Requiem -- (Scott Rockenfield/Tate)
Breaking the Silence -- (DeGarmo/Tate)
I Don't Believe in Love -- (DeGarmo/Tate)
Waiting for 22 -- (DeGarmo)
My Empty Room -- (Tate/Wilton)
Eyes of a Stranger -- (DeGarmo/Tate)

Key Tracks: Eyes of a Stranger, Revolution Calling, The Mission.


Eyes of a Stranger
I Don't Believe in Love

Breaking the Silence
Revolution Calling

Notes: While Queensryche dabbled with themes on its previous two studio records, Operation: Mindcrime took it a step further, following in the footsteps of Pink Floyd's The Wall and The Who's Tommy as a full-on concept album. A tale of revolution, drug addiction and manipulation, for years fans debated the album's story.

From a musical standpoint, Operation: Mindcrime is likely the quintessential example of the trade-off and harmonized guitar work of DeGarmo and Wilton. It showcases their different lead-playing styles and the ability to play complex chords that mesh into a bigger, grander sound. Generally speaking, critics and fans refer to Operation: Mindcrime as Queensryche's finest work and one of the best and most influential concept albums ever recorded.

Interesting fact: Wilton came up with the lyrics for the chorus of "Speak." -- "Speak the word. The word is all of us."

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