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Operation: LIVEcrime

Title: Operation: LIVEcrime
Released: Nov. 5, 1991 (EMI Records)
Directed by: Wayne Isham
Producer: Jeff Tannebring
Recorded by Tom Hall
Mixed by: James "Jimbo" Barton


I Remember Now
Revolution Calling
Operation: Mindcrime
Spreading the Disease
The Mission
Suite Sister Mary
The Needle Lies
Electric Requiem
Breaking the Silence
I Don't Believe in Love
Waiting for 22
My Empty Room
Eyes of a Stranger
*The Lady Wore Black
*Roads to Madness

* - bonus track added to the 2001 remastered versions of Operation: LIVEcrime. Audio-only, songs appear as audio tracks on the DVD as well.

Notes: Operation: LIVEcrime was originally released on Nov. 5, 1991 as a box set documenting Queensryche's complete performance of Operation: Mindcrime on its tour in support of Empire. The recordings were taken from three shows: May 10, 1991 - Madison, Wis.; May 11, 1991 - Milwaukee, Wis.; and May 12, 1991 - LaCrosse, Wis. The original release contained a VHS and either a cassette or CD. The box set also featured a 44-page libretto. Operation: LIVEcrime was subsequently remastered and released on DVD in 2001. The re-release did not include the libretto.

Interesting fact: In interviews following the release of Operation: LIVEcrime, the members of Queensryche stated that there were only two mistakes made by the band over the three-nights they recorded: Tate flubbed the lyrics once, and Wilton broke a string. Otherwise, any of the three nights could have been released outright in its entirety.

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