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Title: Queensryche EP
Release Date: 1982 (206 Records)/1983 (EMI Records)
Producer: Queensryche
Engineer: Tom Hall
Mixing: Unknown


Queen of the Reich -- (Chris DeGarmo)
Nightrider -- (DeGarmo/Michael Wilton)
Blinded -- (DeGarmo/Wilton)
The Lady Wore Black -- (DeGarmo/Geoff Tate)
*Prophecy -- (DeGarmo)

* -- Prophecy wasn't included on the original 206 Records independent release.

Key tracks: Queen of the Reich, The Lady Wore Black

Notes: The EP was very influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, including Judas Priest and early Iron Maiden. The opening wail by Tate is very reminiscent of Deep Purple's Ian Gillian in "Highway Star." The EP was recorded at the now-closed Triad Studios, located in Redmond, Wash. The EP was originally released as a four-track LP on Queensryche's own 206 Records independent label. Once signed to EMI Records, the company subsequently re-released it in 1983, followed by a CD release in 1988 with "Prophecy" added to it.

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