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Credits -- A Queensryche Retrospective

By Brian Heaton

Additional editing by:

Staci Heaton
Raf Ahrayeph
John Schneiderwind
Gregory Twachtman

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Additional thanks to Rob Kotynski, Amy Lee, Jeff Brown, James Chatary, Matt Cocuzzo, Chad Davis, Steve Duvall, Sylvia Giraldo, Marcus Magnusson, Tommy Morningstar, Erik Onstott, Jonathan Rustvold, Johan Wall, Alex "Goose" Ward, Michael "Wardy" Ward, and Eric Weidenfeld.

Last, but certainly not least, to Chris DeGarmo, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, Geoff Tate, and Michael Wilton: While differences may have pushed you in different directions, the music the five of you created a legacy that has resonated with millions of people. Thank you for sharing your music with us. Some songs are timely, some are timeless. But the totality of your work together struck an emotional chord that stands proud in the history of progressive hard rock and heavy metal.

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