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Building Empires

Title: Building Empires
Released: 1992 (VHS)/2002 (DVD)
Executive Producers: Peter Mensch and George Knemayer
Produced by: The Company


Nightrider (video)
Prophecy (from Live in Tokyo)
Eyes of a Stranger (video - alternate version)
Empire (video)
Best I Can (video)
Silent Lucidity (video)
Jet City Woman (video)
Another Rainy Night (Without You) (video - alternate version)
Another Rainy Night (Without You) (video)
Anybody Listening? (video)
Resistance (live)
Walk in the Shadows (live)
The Thin Line (live)
Take Hold of the Flame (live)
The Lady Wore Black (live)
Silent Lucidity (live)
I Will Remember (live, MTV Unplugged)
Della Brown (live, MTV Unplugged)

Notes: Following Queensryche's critically acclaimed world tour in support of Empire, they compiled all the videos shot for the record, along with live footage and various other videos and performances in a compilation to tide fans over until the next record. Building Empires has an approximate running time of 100 minutes, which includes commentary by DeGarmo, Tate and Wilton.

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