The History of Queensr˙che's Original Lineup!

About the Site is a non-profit fan-run website, devoted to documenting the history of Queensr˙che's original lineup. The site is designed as an online book, featuring retrospective essays written by fan and collector Brian Heaton. These essays are based on personal research and interviews with various band members and individuals associated with Queensr˙che over the years - from old friends to the road crew and studio professionals. Many of the article scans, ticket stub pictures and various other media have been sent to the author by fellow fans, who share a similar interest in preserving the history of Queensr˙che's early years.


If you are interested in contributing something to the site (article scans, ticket stubs, new information, etc.), please email artoflive156 @ yahoo dot com. We're always on the lookout for new information.

Credits would not exist if not for the hard work of many that came before me. First and foremost, a big thank you to Brett Miller, Johan Wall and Amy Lee, whose information back in the late 1990s helped set the template for what this site has become over the years. In addition, almost every writer sucks until someone else reviews their work and tells them what they forgot or screwed up. I'm certainly no exception to that. My thanks to Staci Heaton, Gregory Twachtman, John Schneiderwind, and Raf Ahrayeph for the extra eyes.

Author Bio

Brian Heaton has been a communications professional since 1999. He started his career as a B2B journalist covering sports and fitness before moving on to law school, earning his Juris Doctor. Following a short stint in the legal world, Brian went into political communications for a decade before transitioning back to journalism. He covered technology law and policy for four years, and can bore you to tears on topics ranging from cyber security to net neutrality and cloud computing.

A Queensr˙che fan for over 30 years, Brian started his first Queensr˙che-related website in 1996, and has had some version of a site online since then. The content has transitioned from being a simple tribute site to a live show collector's page, and ultimately this historical retrospective. His favorite Queensr˙che songs include "Anybody Listening?," "NM 156," and "Screaming in Digital," and his favorite record by the band is of course, Operation: Mindcrime. In addition to Queensr˙che's original lineup, Brian is also a big fan of Fates Warning and Alter Bridge, and as you can guess, he has a passion for hard rock and heavy metal history.

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