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Thank you for stopping by I hope you have as much fun reading this historical account of Queensryche's original lineup as I did writing it. Even after all this time, the music those five guys created is still a big passion for me, and I hope that comes out in my work here on the site.’s purpose is to provide fans the most comprehensive online guide about Queensryche’s classic lineup as possible. The historical retrospective is the centerpiece of this site, and gives readers an accurate (and hopefully enjoyable) trip down memory lane. But the site also contains a gigantic tour date archive, filled with setlists, anecdotes from show attendees, gig photos, and more. There’s also a discography covering the band’s albums, video releases, soundtrack appearances and compilation records. An archive of article scans from across the original lineup’s career, and band member profiles round out the site, which I hope readers will find time to check out and enjoy.

The question you’re likely asking yourself is: “Why is he only documenting the original lineup of Queensryche?” The answer is a complicated one, but to sum it up, it is a personal trade-off I needed to make. Quite frankly, I didn't want to write about periods of the band’s history that were frustrating and difficult to stomach as a fan. I touched upon them during the retrospective's epilogue, but that's as far as I want to go at this point. Simply put, Queensryche’s signature sound was very much a product of DeGarmo, Jackson, Rockenfield, Tate, and Wilton. The writing, the tones, the tendencies, the influences—that is Queensryche.

That’s not to say the music from alternate lineups of the band is poor. It isn’t. I enjoy a lot of it, and have had some great concert experiences following the departure of DeGarmo in the late 1990s. But by focusing on the original lineup, I can concentrate on a period of time where Queensryche's music was the most pure for me, and something I still enjoy listening to and discussing. will continue to be expanded as I have time to do more interviews with key figures involved with the original lineup of Queensryche. Although it may be long stretches of time in-between updates, I’m continually on the lookout for things to add and tweak on the site. I've done my best to ensure both accuracy in the events and proper grammar throughout this website, but I fully admit that it isn't perfect. While I've taken strides to present what I've written in as professional a manner as possible, I'm sure the more astute reader will find errors I've missed. Please feel free to contact me with potential corrections or additions.

Take Hold!

-- Brian Heaton

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