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This site chronicles the continuing evolution of Queensrÿche, a pioneering progressive heavy metal band based in Seattle, Wash. Follow the history of Queensrÿche from its humble beginnings in the suburbs of the Jet City, through its massive worldwide success in the 1990s and the group’s rebirth and current activities.

Newcomers to AnybodyListening.net should begin with the “Before the Storm” section, which provides details on the pre-Queensrÿche days of founding members Chris DeGarmo, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton and how they connected with original vocalist Geoff Tate.

From there, the site continues chronologically, with each “Operation” representing a specific era of Queensrÿche’s career. The sections include a historical account of the time period, the band members during that era, albums released, tour dates and other resources. Here’s how the navigation works:

Operation I: The Original Lineup (1981-1997, 2002) | Operation II: The Kelly Gray Years (1998-2001)

Operation III: The Tateryche Years (2003-2012) | Operation IV: The Todd La Torre Era (2012-present)

For those of you wanting the latest news on the band and to talk with fellow fans about Queensrÿche, click on “Community,” and you’ll be taken to The Breakdown Room, AnybodyListening.net’s popular discussion forum. “Side Projects” is a basic overview of the other musical endeavors of past and present members of Queensrÿche.